The Genetics and Biology of Bleeding and Thrombosis

Our research focuses on the genetics of bleeding and thrombotic disorders and mechanisms of platelet activation.

Non-malignant blood diseases, both common and rare, can be catastrophic and affect children and adults worldwide. Our team is composed of physician scientists who care for patients with blood disorders and a basic science research group that is uniquely positioned to undertake translational projects positioned at the intersection of genetics, biology, laboratory models and human disease. Our existing national and international collaborations allow us to extend the scope of our research expertise, recruit large patient cohorts, and explore new fields such as thromboinflammation and aging. Our ultimate goal is to improve human health by rigorous scientific discovery.

We believe in

  • A rigorous and collaborative approach to science with open access to scientific information
  • Training the next generation of scientists in Hematology in a multicultural and diverse environment